Reliving My Childhood On A Road Trip from Delhi To Shimla
The best holiday, in my opinion, is a Road Trip with your family. Recently we went on a Road trip from Delhi to Shimla the Queen of hills and summer capital of British Raj in India.
When I was in school Shimla, Mussoorie, Darjeeling and Ooty all claimed to be the queen of hills. For depending on which part of the country you lived they were the favorite summer holiday destination for desi families. I too have fond memories of visiting Shimla and Mussoorie as a child and also later during a college trip to Darjeeling. So sometime back during a long weekend, I decided to go on a Road trip to Shimla with Wife Jee and kids. The kids were a bit puzzled first that how come I am asking to go to touristy Shimla? But I had a plan in mind as I had booked a quaint homestay in Shogi about 50 KM before Shimla and the plan was that while we stay in Shogi among apricot orchards we will visit Shimla for a day trip.


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